Persuasive Essay Pro Death Penalty

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Imagine this, a 16 year old girl is raped and murdered. After catching the criminal, they find out he has a long history of child pornography. We shudder just to think of it, but imagine this was your 16 year old sister or daughter? Wouldn’t you want justice? This is just one example of where the death penalty should be legal but there is many more. The death penalty should be an option because protects society from violent offenders, it deters would-be criminals, and it saves taxpayers money.
Death penalty laws and regulations are one of the most controversial topics today. Capital Punishment goes way back into our history as the way to punish criminals for the crimes that they commit. According to “Death Penalty Information Center”, the first established death penalty laws go as far back as Eighteenth Century B.C. There is five different methods of execution that is used in the United States. The “Death Penalty Information Center”, has kept data of the number of executions used …show more content…

According to “Vera Institute of Justice” it says that state corrections budgets have almost quadrupled in the past two decades. The amount is continuously growing as states are sending more people to prison and leaving them there longer. “Policy Basics Where Do our Tax Dollars Go?” says that 1.96 billion dollars (or 4%) of our tax dollars go towards corrections. That would be prisoners health services, food, shelter, and clothing. If someone goes to jail at age 20 and is there until they die (around 90) it is our job as citizens to support their entire life in jail? No, we should not have to put our hard earned money to support and feed a criminal who has just murdered someone for their entire life in jail, there has to be another option for those kinds of situations. And there is, to make the death penalty an option for certain types of

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