Genetic Considerations Of Designer Babies

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What are parents’ wishes for their children? Some may answer having tall height, nose, big eyes, white skin. Others may answer kindness, intelligence and good health. Will you do if you can make babies, which you really want? It is natural that parents want their children to have a good life. However, it could be egoism of parents. Designer babies are made by genetic modification to remove genetic disease or to get apparently characteristics. The technique has four steps. First, to input gene profile of donor's ovum and sperm into the database. Second, to input gene profile of receptions’ parents’ ovum and sperm into the database. Then, the computer chooses a pair of ovum and sperm that raises a possibility of success. Finally, parents choose donors based on the statistics. (Naik) If designer babies are allowed, it causes problems in gap and identity. Because designing babies means making superior babies. At the root is superiority or inferiority. It is kind of eugenics. Also, when the designer babies are grown up, it is difficult for them to find their identity since they were born as good as for their parents will. Even if it seems to solve problems in …show more content…

In one fiction movie “my sister’s keeper”, a girl were made for her sister’s donor. Her sister was a patient of leukemia and needed bone marrow donation. However, no one could match the blood type of her sister and she was genetically modified to match as a donor of her sister. After realizing that she was born only for her sister’s donor, she lost her own way of life (Picoult). She was born just as a donor of her sister. It means her goal of life are determined as a donation and she cannot find out any other way because her family also have the same confirmation about her life. Even though it is a fiction, it could occur if designer babies are allowed. Hense, designer babies should not be allowed to protects the child’s

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