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Dear Dean of Pledges Big Sister Aneja and Assistant Dean of Pledges Big Sister Aiuri,

We just wanted to start this letter off by thoroughly apologizing for our behavior. Not only have we been rude by not communicating with you ladies, but we honestly have not been showing the appreciation we have for all that you have done for us. We will forever be grateful for the time, effort, and money you have invested into us and our well-being as pledges.

Dean of Pledges Big Sister Aneja we are so grateful for the fact that you have adjusted and shifted your entire life, completely, to be our Dean. Having to wake up early in the morning to go to work to then quickly have set and keep us organized requires so much. That alone requires so much energy …show more content…

Seeing how you get goosebumps just touching your Letters or how your eyes light up when talking about the sorority, is one of the very reasons we want to be a part of your sisterhood in the first place. You treated us like family and let us into your lives before even starting this pledging process, and words cannot even describe how happy and thankful we are for the both of you. You have been sacrificing so much to get us to the purple light and all we have been disappointing you by not having it together and showing our appreciation. This is unacceptable and believe when we say that this is going to change. All we want to do is make you proud.

We know that a sorry is only as valuable as the actions that come after it and that is why when we say, “we are sorry” we truly mean it. We are changing our attitudes and the way that we are handling this process. That slacking Theta line is not your line. The Line that truly puts in work and puts in 100 percent is the Theta line that we are. Again, we appreciate you Ladies so much and the only way that we can truly let you know this is by making you proud and giving this all that we got. Just know that we admire you both as women of distinction, adults, and big sisters. That change we promised is coming.
With love and

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