Persuasive Speech On Deportation

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In order to begin tackling the topical issue of immigration, our society has to begin asking itself why there is a stark division between God 's vision and what 's actually happening. However, understanding these different discrepancies requires that we be willing to include both sides of the conversation without the predisposition to solve the issue with deportation. Although the option seems like an effortless way to solve immigration, ultimately deportation not only steals individuals away from their families and communities, but it also would cost the United States from $700-900 billion to deport every illegal immigrant and an additional $100 billion to make sure that the deported individual doesn 't come back into the United States.…show more content…
Possibly so, as any major social issue back then affects how it appears in the present (violence, for example). Maybe the belief that racism is over isn 't entirely true, especially with the presence of a presumptive presidential candidate who wants to ban all Muslim immigrants and deport all 11.2 million illegal immigrants. With this reality, is it an outrageous goal to think that we as humanity can change our ways for the better? Can we really experience the redemptive power of God in this day and age? Let us consider the words of Father Jim Martin as he reflects on Jesus 's claim on the believer, saying, "His teachings are invitations, to be sure, but they are also commands: Love your neighbors. " From this quote alone, I feel hope that the only way we can experience the presence of God in our own lives is through the power of love, which requires that we be open to the flip sides of a coin no matter how different they are. The best way however that we can sympathize with both the government and migrant and build a true community is to immerse ourselves in both sides of the spectrum, no matter how extreme they are. From these extremes we can, in time, come together to form a single solution that benefits both sides well (which is a resurrection in
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