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Now you are part of the team. Then the fame and the glory come flying at you. Most of the time this fame gets to you and your head and you slowly start to go tumbling downhill.

This is a common theme among young and upcoming high school lacrosse stars. According to Lax Power, nearly 70% of the high school lacrosse stars end up outraging their coaches mid way through their career, while the other 30% race away from the sport all together.

Even though this happens to lacrosse players all over, it is also common among all different types of athletes in different sports including: field hockey, bass fishing, etc. However, If Johnny “The Rocket’ Carson (a high school lacrosse star) can overcome this fame, then why can’t you? With the help of my ten part seminar you too can become a glorious high school lacrosse star.
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You would not want to hurt yourself before the start of the season. Ethan Boix decided he could run the two mile in under 13 minutes without conditioning in the off season. He got in 6 minutes and 40 seconds and had no broken bones. After the run coaches asked how he felt about setting the new record for the two mile and Boix said that he could have done better if he wouldn 't have got up from his couch as much in the off season.

2.Don’t work on your stick skills in the off season. You wouldn’t want to overuse your stick before the season starts. Steven Veila, Missouri Baptist commit, figured it was a good idea to rest his stick until the season and on the first day back half his teammate’s sticks were broken from overuse.

3. Horsing around during practice. This will put a smile on the coach’s face. Joey Busselman, a third year all-conference player, figured he was top dog and decided to start hurling balls around while the coach was barking out instructions. One ball struck the coach in the head and Busselman is now the starting
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