Perverse Utopian

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Deviance is described as a violation of culture norms. In Jonestown as a Perverse Utopian they described it as a cult. There are cults all round the world however, it is not a norm to be in on or know of one personally. On December 8th, due to their utopian cult there was a mass suicide of 911 people. The leader believed that for many years the “followers needed” to be poisoned with opium and then cyanide. This is breaking cultural norms because it is not normal to be poisoning people because they “needed it.” The exsert also mentioned that there was a variety of members. When I think of a cult I think of non intelligent and especially for how they were treated I think at the beginning you would be smart enough to leave and it mentioned how even lawyers,doctors and nurses were in the cult which is deviance. Social control is the act of attempts by society to regulate people 's thoughts and behaviors. Although Jim Jone’s is not considered as a society by himself when he gets to people to believe in his ways the cult members become a society. He takes away communication and relationships/bonds with each other. He tries to regulate people’s thoughts to believe this is the true way to go in life and limits their communication with one another.He also had social control on them when it came to leaving. He took all they had and they had no …show more content…

“Deviance variables compared to cultural norms” Their norms are different than ours because, if they bond to one another that is deviance however not bonding with anyone is deviant here. Or, not having sex with”Dad” would be deviant there and it would be considered rape here. Both norms and how people define rule-breaking involve social power. Karl Marx explains how powerful people protect their interest. So, when Jim felt the sexually need he satisfies it with little boys and

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