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For many years, I have been looking forward to studying a degree program in Pharmacy. My interest in this program has mainly been influenced by my exposure to many challenges that are affecting my society with regard to improvement of their health. Some countries in the world have adopted education of pharmacology to curb such cases but other countries have not. Korea is one of the countries that have not yet adopted this system.

Although South Korea is one of the countries that has good quality of life and personal safety, it has unsuccessfully not incorporated the program in its college curriculum in order to address these problems. I have experienced a number of challenges in addressing my problems and obstacle in achieving my goals. …show more content…

I selected pharmacy because I will have a stable income and career. In addition I would be able to work part-time and still make a decent living. Furthermore, this will allow me to open my own animal rescue shelter, which still allows me to work with animals. This is all after, I spend 4 years in the Military. I would in list as an officer, have my school loans paid and still make an officer pay.

I came from a single parent family. I would be the first person to have graduated beyond a bachelor's degree. I lost many months at school from tragic deaths in my family. My grandmother and grandfather are the one who took care of me while my mother went to school and work. Grandmother died from cancer when I was four, grandfather died when I was ten from a massive heart attack. My sister died in a tragic downing, she was two I was six. This also has helped me understand life is short and important. I feel as though I am a survivor, and will never give up on my goals and …show more content…

This issue really influenced my decision to take on the pharmacy program. Traditionally in my society, the program has not been emphasized and therefore does not have a greater public awareness.

I want to be significantly involved in developing, improving and planning of the policies that are related to pharmacy. I believe that pharmacy program at your university will assist me in doing that. By studying this program in the United States, I will gain the knowledge to establish a system that properly assess a subject and get the proper intervention strategies. Furthermore, United States university usually emphasis on major issues which really appeals to me.

As I will get back to work in my community, pharmacy program will be better to equip me with enough knowledge that a will use against the challenges that I might face. I believe that I am well prepared for the graduate program. At the time of my undergraduate program, though not on the same field, I have gained the knowledge in taking other advanced courses which can be helpful in transforming

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