Pharmacist Essays

  • Interpersonal Communication In Pharmacists

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    Contrary to popular belief, pharmacists don’t just sit behind a counter in the back of the pharmacy counting pills all day. Pharmacists play an important role in today’s society as counselors and teachers, and anyone who has ever been to counseling or school knows communication is a key factor in these fields. Pharmacists must be fluent in all types of communication in order to be successful. A pharmacist’s job is to communicate to patients, healthcare practitioners, and the community vital information

  • Pharmacist Compliance Report

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    Pharmacists work closely with the physician, other health professionals and the patient to help assure appropriate use of an ever-increasing spectrum of effective medications. A particular emphasis is educating and motivating patients with respect to the management of their drug therapy as related to their particular medical condition. Overall, the pharmacist is expected to provide pharmaceutical care that helps ensure that drug therapy is appropriate, safe, effective for the condition being treated

  • Pros And Cons Of Retail Pharmacist

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    of the following pharmacy settings: A. Explain the role of the pharmacist B. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each setting C. Do you see yourself working in that setting? Explain. 1. Retail/Independent Ownership A. A retail or independent pharmacist typically provides a person with general healthcare advice and has the authority to supply a prescription or a non-prescription medication to the public. A retail pharmacist generally works in a retail setting rather than in a clinical or

  • Target Pharmacy Application Essay

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    I can easily say my 2 years of experience with the pharmacists I worked with at Target Pharmacy have propelled me towards this field. Pharmacists are the vital link between a medical practitioner and a patient, so it is imperative that the relationship is built on trust, ensures patient safety and also focuses on customer service. I credit my motivation to study pharmacy with an emphasis on community pharmacy, to my work as a pharmacy technician at Target Pharmacy. Pharmacy in the retail environment

  • Essay On Pharmacy Technician

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    increase because of federal health insurance reform. As more people have access to insurance coverage, more pharmacy technicians will be needed to handle their prescriptions.Based on information, the need for a pharmacy technician is increasing. Pharmacists need technicians to aide them. A career as pharmacy technician can earn a person a decent living and a successful career based on schooling, pay, benefit, work environment and job outlook. (Bureau of Labor

  • Essay On Community Pharmacy

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    Exploring Community Pharmacies and Their Role in Health Promotion A community pharmacy is vital part within the healthcare system when it comes to health promotion. Pharmacists are an excellent resource when it comes to educating patients with medication knowledge, and directing patients towards the proper procedure of taking their prescribed medication. On Saturday, January 20th, 2018, military time 1909, I visited the pharmacy section of a Shoppers Drug Mart located on Kingsway and Nanaimo in Vancouver

  • Preventing Medication Error

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    of a Pharmacist is often underestimated to only being a pill dispenser or drug interaction expert. Yet there is so much more to the Role of a Pharmacist. Pharmacists are advocates for patient’s safety, health and efficacy. Their job is to ensure that people live more comfortable, easy, and well managed lives by making sure their medications are accurate and in the patient’s best health interest. Preventing medication error is one of the essential keys to saving lives and being a Pharmacist Medication

  • Pharmacy Technician Certification Report

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    to be the kind of pharmacist who checked for these kinds of dangerous but often overlooked interactions, warned patients and their doctors, and sought alternatives. Eager to learn more about the profession, I took the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam after spending my winter break with Mosby’s Pharmacy Technician: Principles and Practice. I passed and began working as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens. It only took a short time to realize I didn’t want to be a pharmacist. While I enjoyed working

  • Cosmetology Personal Statement

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    The pharmacist dispensed medications and chatted with patients, answering all their questions and advising other customers visiting the pharmacy. I relished in the extensive knowledge she had of the pharmaceuticals, while also being able to interact with her community

  • Pharmacy Technician Research Paper

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    prescriptions, it’s also about measuring different amounts of prescriptions, packaging and labeling, organizing innovatory and alerting the pharmacists’ when you are becoming low on supplies, accepting payment for prescriptions and dealing with insurance claims, answering phone calls from customers, or even arranging for customers to speak to the pharmacists about any questions they may have about the medicines or health matters. Therefore, with all this being said, you can see you need patience

  • Essay On Nursing Application

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    After completing a career project in the sixth grade, I have not been able to see myself working in a career other than nursing. As early as I can remember, I was interested in books of the human body and having my mom tell me her experiences as a certified nursing assistant. I knew I wanted a career involved with helping people. My fascination with the human body became visible around the age of five. My mom says that I was curious as to what the “real” name of our body parts were called, such

  • Pharmacy Technician Research Paper

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    because I could work in any pharmacy. Being a pharmacy technician would allow me to have a flexible schedule. It would also be good I the future, later I could go back and get a degree in pharmacy. A pharmacy technician would help licensed pharmacists dispense prescriptions medication to customers or health professionals. Pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies, including those found in grocery and drug stores, and in hospitals. Most work full time, but many work part time. To become a pharmacy

  • Hy-Vee Case Study

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    pharmacy department. The reorganization process has helped the pharmacies produce more efficient numbers and profits. Structural changes such as a new computer system and a central fill processing facility has improved the work flow. This allows the pharmacist to have more time to help our patients, which is ultimately what our goal is. There were definitely some doubts about whether restructuring would be successful. In order to really comprehend how big of an impact central fill was going to have on

  • Hmo Pharmacy Case Study Essay

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    With this case study I will attempt to offer clarification to the issue of medication mistakes being dispensed at HMO pharmacy. The fact that rates of dispensing errors are usually low there are some additional progresses in the pharmacy distribution systems that need some adjustments. Because pharmacies dispense such extraordinary volumes of medications that even a low error rate can render enormous volumes of lawsuits totaling even larger sums of payouts. Research also needs to be done with dispensing

  • Pharmacy Personal Statement

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    For many years, I have been looking forward to studying a degree program in Pharmacy. My interest in this program has mainly been influenced by my exposure to many challenges that are affecting my society with regard to improvement of their health. Some countries in the world have adopted education of pharmacology to curb such cases but other countries have not. Korea is one of the countries that have not yet adopted this system.  Although South Korea is one of the countries that has good quality

  • My Career Research Paper

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    “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes”. A quote which I have embraced, and one by which I live my life by. I have always had a great interest in Pharmacy because of the impacts that it has on our daily lives. I have become fascinated by this sector and it is my ambition to pursue a career in Pharmacy because it directly affects the lives of people. I am looking forward to the challenges of a career that involves lifelong learning. I have learnt valuable skills in the

  • Pharmacist Accomplishments

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    that the pharmacists that work at her store have higher salaries than she does. She noted that my lack of struggle with mathematics or science could make it straightforward work for me. Sorting out what I might do, I planned to follow her idea of going to a community college, and transferring the credits to a school of pharmacy.

  • Becoming A Pharmacist

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    are many factors that stand out to me about being a pharmacist. Helping and working directly with people, job mobility, stability, and flexibility, and being a part of the health community are all reasons that contribute to why I would like to be a pharmacist. UNC-Chapel Hill is the college that I have chosen to help me get to this profession because it has everything I'm looking for and more. What is a pharmacist? What do they do? A pharmacist is a licensed

  • Pharmacist Goals

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    pharmacy technician for over seven years, I have worked to expand my drive to learn and help others. This has directed my ambition to become a pharmacist. My immediate professional goal is to be the purpose of helping and educating. I have that purpose. My long term goal is personal growth & learning to make a change in whatever level of service as a pharmacist I find myself in. Growing up in a large, single parent home, outside of Buffalo, NY in the small rural town of Alden, I was taught responsibility

  • Clinical Pharmacist Role

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    Theme 1 – Role of clinical pharmacist Participants described that the role of clinical pharmacist is essential in the medical team. Most of the participants stated that the role of clinical pharmacists is vague and need more clarifications. Some participants believed that owing to the new field of clinical pharmacy services, many healthcare providers lack the awareness of the role of clinical pharmacist. "…I think sometimes the role of clinical pharmacist is not identified, because there is a difference