Phillip's Maturity In The Cay

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In The Cay, Phillip’s character reveals through many conflicts that he developed independence, confidence, and maturity.
Phillip demonstrates independence after experiencing blindness as evidence in the novel when he survived on the cay after Timothy’s death. However, before Phillip developed independence, Phillip was helpless at the beginning of the novel. This can be shown by Phillip acknowledging that he didn’t know how to do anything. (Taylor 59). “I knew how helpless I was without Timothy.” Phillip knew this while they were on the island, but was consistent in blaming it on his blindness. Even if he was helpless at the beginning, Phillip became more brave at the middle of the novel. Phillip’s actions can show how he developed bravery. …show more content…

Although Phillip was mature at the end, he was immature at the beginning of the book. For example, Phillip lashed out at Timothy in an immature way. (Taylor 71). “I won’t do it! You’re stupid, you can’t even spell.” Talking this way shows how he was childish and immature. Even if Phillip was immature at the beginning, he became more prepared for dangerous things at the middle of the book. To explain, Timothy had gotten sick, and Phillip was prepared for this and immediately took action. (Taylor 89). “...then ripped a piece of cloth from what was left of my shirt, dampened it with water, and placed it on his forehead...so I just sat beside him holding the cloth…” Phillip seemed to be prepared for this, unlike how he would he would have been at the beginning. Lastly, Phillip demonstrated maturity after experiencing blindness as evidence in the novel when he had returned home and saw how others acted. Based on the reading, readers can tell how Phillip felt once he returned home. (Taylor 136). “I saw Henrik Van Boven occasionally, but it wasn’t the same as when we’d played the Dutch or the British. He seemed very young.” This proves how Phillip had grown mature by letting the readers know what Phillip thought of Henrik and what they’d played. Phillip also shows maturity by doing things to get the attention of a plane. (Taylor

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