Photosynthesis Lab Report

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During this week, we performed the Meiosis pipe cleaner project and completed worksheets pertaining to meiosis. Afterwards, we took notes on karyotyping and finished worksheets for it. Regarding the meiosis pipe cleaner project, it is similar to the mitosis project since the chromosomes have a specific color key to them. However, in the meiosis project, we incorporated alleles in the chromosomes, by representing them with tightly loop pipe cleaners around the legs. As a result, when prophase I occurs, the alleles on one non-sister chromatid transfers to another non-sister chromatid via crossing-over. Another addition is since meiosis results in 4 haploid cells, we created 4 oval paper cut up with half the chromosomes on an original, diploid cell. The worksheets’ purpose were to distinguish the differences between meiosis and mitosis. Along with the aforementioned change in ploidy, other differences include the formation of tetrads and the presence of 2 cell divisions in meiosis, and the fact that meiosis occurs in a gamete-producing cell, while mitosis occurs in a body cell. …show more content…

Cells are cultivated to great amounts. Then, they are stopped at metaphase, centrifuged, and lyzed for researchers to obtain the chromosomes. Afterwards, the chromosomes are stained, photographed, and grouped by size and their banding patterns. Also, I learned about several genetic disorders. For example, traits of people with Klinefelter syndrome include lower IQ, tall stature, and poor posture. Another example is that infants affected with Patau syndrome have several life-threatening abnormalities, caused by an extra 13th

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