Pinto Fire Case Summary

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The article described details about the infamous Pinto fire case. The problem presents an insider account of the context and decision environment that the company cannot recall of defective vehicles. Therefore, the company give a cognitive script analysis of factors that seem like an explanation lead to decisions to improve this problem as well as a definitive study in unethical company behavior. 1. Multiple ethical selves –people are socialized to behave differently in different situations. It is important to evaluate the organizational environment in different situation and it focus more on ethical awareness. People should recognize the ethical elements that they see. Find out what effects on their thoughts, behaviors even in ethical dilemma …show more content…

The author is still work in the company even he knows this company having so many defectives can effect on human benefits. He is trying to follow or obey the company to do the job but it effects on personal belief that he is doing wrong ways. Ford company have strong power more than individual’s author, he cannot do anything because this is a job that he need to follow even his beliefs going down. 7. Corporate scripts—corporate scripts can affect ethical awareness. This focus on awareness. According to the article, if you do not recognize your values, you will easy for another who will happy to decide them for you. This issues against ethical awareness. The company is giving a huge information processing advantage to the Ford recall coordinator. By saving time and mental energy, the company makes quick decision about problem as they arose. The company is not put any red flag because they think it fit for a “normal” accident and they did not recall. Therefore, the company is not giving the right information and even the company ignored information that not fit the pattern. 8. Corporate culture—corporate culture can affect ethical awareness and …show more content…

Our thinking is affected by the way the issue is framed initially. Framework is a guide human thought and action. According to the article, in the author’s decision is not to recall the Pinto, so that Gioia suggests that his behavior is highly influences by script processing. Three ways that ethical awareness can be increased in a business context. 1. Guidelines: Make an ethical guideline to help employees in the company that know the positive and negative of company’s activities. This will help limit unethical behavior by increasing awareness. 2. Ethics officers: The company can hire an ethical officer to ensure the company pay sufficient attention to the ethical ramifications. The responsibility of this position is monitor the legality and ethical impact of the company. Ethics officers can offer guidance, answer employee questions, and updating information. 3. Significance Hiring a public relations company can prevent damage from a scandal that the company get. The company want to get more customer, they need to have a good background and a good behavior ethically. The company can damage reputation, hard to get a good relationship with business, and fear company’s bad image can effect on their brand if they have an unethical

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