Pit Etiquette Speech

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Most of the time, people don 't think before they act causing conflicts and people to judge you poorly. Throughout my personal experience going to countless shows, in countless cities, and for countless bands; I 've learned quite a lot about how to not be the absolute worst at a show. Being that dude who ruins everyone 's night takes a toll on the whole crowd and experience. Step 1: Don 't be a drunken mess. Most venues make most of their money off of the bar at shows, but, that doesn 't give you a free pass to drink yourself to alcohol poisoning and make everyone 's night suck. This should be a general life tip, but, some people clearly don 't get it. Don 't drink until you 're making poor decisions. You also shouldn 't bring your drink…show more content…
Pit etiquette is not hard to follow, and going with it will keep you and others safe. The most important rule is that if someone falls you help them up. This hopefully prevents injury and keeps the whole pit safe. Another part of pit etiquette is not trying to hurt someone else in the pit. No one is there to get hurt, everyone just wants to have a good time, this includes hitting other people and pulling someone else into the pit that doesn 't want to be in there. Another tip thing is keeping your bags to a minimum, you don 't need a giant backpack that 'd be more suited for a camping trip. Keep what 's on your person should be secured accordingly, typically most of the things kept in pockets fall out, and is typically never seen again. Cell phones, wallets, and even glasses are lost at almost every show. Having the opportunity to see good live music is one of the best things to do with your time. However, with most things there are some typically unspoken rules about how to act at a show. I 've personally seen countless physical fights and yelling matches ensue in the pit because someone acted like they were more important that the other dozens of people there. Just remember to have fun and be a decent person,
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