Drinking Age In America

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The drinking age in America has been unchanged over many years but I believe that this is one area of law that should stopped being overlooked as it may be the cause for many unforeseen negative effects. The amount of taxpayers money that is spent on the current law system is outrageous for many reasons, one reason is the number of people in jail or correctional facilities. As we move on to try and better our society in gender inequality and many other areas this is a area that deserves to be targeted as well. One of the ways we could limit the number of people in the law system is ridding the system of unjust laws. Another way is to try to teach people the effects of using alcohol in a responsible manner. This is not a topic that should only …show more content…

I believe that the most effective ways to to teach people the dangers of alcohol is to allow them to drink it before they are independent as they will receive input from guardians and more experienced people. As we look at the effects that a change in the drinking age may have I believe the factor that is most persuading is how the number of fatalities will differ. If people become more educated of the effects of drinking it is inevitable that this statistic is bound to drop immensely. This is supported by Gabrielle Glaser, a well known author in the area of alcohol and its effect on people. She states, “Why expect 21-year-olds to learn how to drink responsibly without learning from moderate models, at home and in alcohol education programs?” (Glaser par. 6). I believe that educating people on alcohol is one of the most fundamentally solid ways of being more safe around alcohol, lowering the age will give more people this opportunity. While some may not have a responsible guardian to turn to the many that do will result positively in the number of fatalities due to …show more content…

The amount of illegal activity such as assaults result from many people not respecting and not knowing their limits when it comes to drinking may be stopped by lowering the age as discussed in the previous paragraph. But the amount of theft and people in jail has skyrocketed due to the unreasonable law. There may also be more use of other more harmful drugs due to the unavailability of alcohol such as marijuana and even more harmful street drugs like heroin. This is supported by Mary Cary, a reputable persuasive writer, who states “While first-time use of illegal street drugs such as heroin by young people increased from 90,000 users in 2006 to 156,000 in 2012” (Cary par. 6). From this we can conclude that the statistic of drug usage is way too high and may be the cause of more harmful effects such as overdoses. While alcohol is still a drug and still has the potential of being very dangerous heroin and other street drugs do not seem to be a adequate and safe substitute and is proven to be even more dangerous. When we look at Opioid and other drug use in America compared to other countries we notice that america is one of the leading countries in drug use around the

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