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A lot of runners find that during the course of their training over time they begin to feel heel pain. This is a good indication that plantar might have set and that it is time to look at a different kind of shoe. Plantar fascitis is a condition that sets in as a result of you pounding the pavement or doing those cross country runs. The Plantar Fascia is tendon that works as a which absorber that takes most of the pressure that would go to your arch. It stretches and tightens as the foot moves. This tendon does get overworked and in time, with constant pressure small tears begin to appear. These get progressively worse and the pain increases as the tears become inflamed as you put the foot on a repetitive stretching and tearing process when…show more content…

Brooks have been masters at the running shoe design for some time. They have garnered themselves a serious following in the running community. They are known for creating shoes that offer magnificent support and comfort. They have come up with technology over the years to keep runner in perfect stride.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 is a great shoe for flat footed runners. Everything about the shoe, from the uppers to the inners and sole, has been put together to enhance comfort and support. Here are the stand out features for this shoes:

- The uppers are made from a flexible breathable material

- Rich inner fabric lining

- Removable molded foam insoles for underfoot cushioning. Brooks has employed their BioMoGo DNA technology for an enhanced cushioning effect

- A tri-density midsole designed to control pronation and the Crash Pad ensures smoother transitions.


- Stable

- Designed to take impact away from

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