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How to open a play 101: Start with a funny introduction by one of the cast member, who explains the basic rules of theatre. Make the auditorium pitch black and start with singing Queen 's Somebody to Love. Ladies and Gentleman I would like to introduce you to Othello this time performed by the Dutch theatre group ZEP. Othello is one of Shakespeare 's well-known classics and loved by everyone who loves the Renaissance theatre. This version, directed by Peter Pluymaekers, also shows his love for the Shakespearean story, but a little different than we are used to. Instead of aiming his play to the Shakespeare lovers, he aimed it at the youth. Maybe that’s the reason why the whole play is in Dutch, but we can never be fully sure about that. …show more content…

Most of the actors were already known from television programmes and one of them, Dionne Verwey, already had an award for his/her acting skills. The acting in general was sufficient, not good not bad. I have to admit the acting of Kenneth Herdigein ,who portrayed Iago, was the most captivating of them all. When he performed Iago’s inner monologues he would use a separate microphone instead of the portable one he had. The setting would also change, which made it more enchanting. Dionne’s acting, who portrayed Desdemona, was a little over the top. The emotion were too big and exaggerated for me. Desdemona could’ve been more modest, looking at her role in the …show more content…

The reason for choosing this scene is that after watching the movie I have to confess that this was the most intriguing scene of the whole movie. Othello’s emotions, which overflow, Iago’s lies, which make you feel some certain way. I’m really looking forward to the interpatation of the direction. I want to know if he can captivate me as much as the original piece itself(text) and the director of the movie does.

Act 4 Scene 1: Othello’s turning point  plotting murderer on Cassio and the lies in real life.

A) Since I already watched the movie I would direct the scene in the ‘same way’. I would show the viewers Iago and Othello talking about the matter in a dark place. I doesn’t have to be pitch dark, but a place where Othello can hide later on when Cassio arrives and talk to Iago. Also I would put most of my focus on Othello and his reactions to the ‘lies’ Iago tells him and make sure that is expressions are clearly visible. Even though it’s quit dark.
B) The movie director shot this scene in a ‘basement’ where all the weapons are being stored. He/she made sure that the focus was on Iago and Othello and particularity on Othello. Another point is that the director clearly showed that Iago was whispering in Cassio’s ear while talking about Bianca, which made it look as if he was talking about

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