Please Stop Helping Us Book Review

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Please Stop Helping Us was written against the narrative of what the media tends to feed the American people in regards racial issues. The issues that are brought up are the ones that are effecting every African-American in the United States. The author Jason L. Riley is an African-American journalist and is on the editing board for The Wall Street Journal. Riley has earned a bachelor’s degree in English from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Jason L. Riley explains different issues that are catering to the overall degradation of the African-American community. Riley starts with political aspects effecting African Americas. Mainly in regards to representation and why most African-Americans regard themselves as Democrats. Riley explains why the G.O.P. does not fight for the black vote. The reason is the G.O.P. has won elections without the black vote, in the past. Riley also explains that African-Americans have won elections in…show more content…
The sources used are straightforward and the reader is able to review easily. The data that Riley uses does not seem to be skewed in any way. He gave data for three different races Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian. Riley also explains the cultural differences between the races as well. Riley uses data from both sides of his arguments. Yet both data sets end up supporting Riley’s arguments in the end. Overall the book is very well laid out. Riley is able to keep readers interested even though at times he gives a lot of data at once. Almost every page in the book Riley cites some study. Riley is able to add a refreshing aspect to civil rights in the United Sates. Not only by pointing out issues, but also pointing out solutions. The reader will find some of these issues surprising. Anyone wanting to learn facts and have the modern narrative questioned, would greatly benefit from reading Riley’s
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