The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas Theme

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The boy in the striped pyjamas


The story is set and takes place in Auschwitz concentration camp in the year 1943. The setting is highly important to strengthen the fable, in addition to making the story as real and authentic as possible, using this well-known place and situation of naivety that happened under WWII.

One day Bruno returns home from school only to discover that all his personal belongings are being stored away in boxes. As a result of his father`s promotion, the whole family have to move far away from their home in Berlin. Their new home is set near Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, a move Bruno is not satisfied with encountering. Bruno longs to explore, when he one day decides that there some exploring to be done outside the new house. He detects the fence running as far as the eye can see. While exploring along the fence, he gets in contact with one of the inmates on the other …show more content…

Bruno is unaware that his father treats people badly, as a Nazi commandant. On the other side, Shmuel does not quite understand where his father could have gone, when he is reported missing. In such a world and such a time where people were being told what to think and what to do, who to hate and what relationships were acceptable, Bruno and Shmuel demonstrate how resistant children can be, as well as how innocence they may be. It also highlights how important kindness and compassion is in our …show more content…

They are separated by the fence, and lament that they in fact cannot play or explore with each other, as well as the strict rules inherent in Nazi Germany forbid them to be in contact with each

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