Plural Society In The Caribbean

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Critically analyze the contribution of the Plural Society Model to your understanding of Caribbean Social Structure in the post -independence era. Shadee Douglas St. George’s university Social Structure and Caribbean Society Dr. Damian Greaves March 5th,2018. The Caribbean is a place where most of the countries share the history. It is a history that is deeply embedded with loss and struggle. Over the course of history, the Caribbean has been through a lot of stages from slavery, colonialism come right down to independence and post-independence. With slavery, the blacks were introduced, then we have the Europeans and of course the Indians came with the indenture ship program. Since the Caribbean has such a diverse array of cultures and ethnic groups, it is expected that these groups will leave their own impact on the society as a whole. To account for the influence and analyze the impact these different ethnic groups have M.G Smith sought to understand how these groups live together in a society that is deeply ‘plural’. In this paper I will seek to analyze the contribution the plural society model has made in understanding the social structure of the Caribbean. Introduction The term plural society was coined by J.S Furnivall and later continued in more depth by M.G Smith. Furnivall was writing about the colonial societies in the south east of Asia where he mainly focused on their differences in economy and M.G Smith was more focused on the British west Indies. M.G

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