Examples Of Social Mobility In The Caribbean

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Introduction In the Caribbean, each territory has a unique social stratification systems which have been developed over the past centuries. This encouraged the people of these many cultures within the region to advance their social status - or his/her ‘social well-being,’ and the status of their family through the movement of social mobility. In this paper, it is my contention that social mobility is possible in the Caribbean since it allows persons to move in the social stratification system; secondly – to briefly address the current situation of social mobility within the Caribbean region, specifically in the countries of Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Guyana. And finally, that social mobility has shaped better opportunities in the Caribbean. In order to support these claims, I will discuss the characterisitcs of social moblity, while providing the necessary examples. Social Mobility On the topic of social classes, the question of social progression ought to rise: is it possible for people to move within a society 's stratification organization? In other words, is there some possibility of social mobility, or the improvement from one social level to another? Yes, but the degree to which this is probable varies significantly from society to society. Social mobility refers to the upward or downward movement between higher or low social classes. (Barber, 1993) In other words, it’s a person’s movement over time from one class to another. In the social ladder, social

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