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A strength of PMHS service coordination units is that services are aimed to assist the “whole person.” We meet consumers at their levels, work on what is important to them and create an individualized approach to help each consumer. Additionally, strength of the unit is paperwork. From intake to closing, paperwork provides structure to the unit and stands something tangible for both consumers and SCs to see their progress, even if they still have more work before obtaining all of the consumer’s goals. On the other hand, limitations include a disproportion number of SCs compared to other unit. SCs caseload ranges from 21-26 consumers. SCs are drained and lack self-care when out in the field, which together results in poor execution with notes,…show more content…
With a consumer, my main goal should always be to reduce symptoms and increase independent functioning. SCs provide information and referrals to individuals who need supportive services to maintain self-sufficiency. All SC demonstrates an ability to advocate and problem solve. Specifically, my professional roles include shadowing service coordinators as they are out in the field interacting with consumers. I manage the database of resources/ services that the unit provides (G-drive). Recently, I assisted three consumers with housing a Rent Rebate application. I assisted these consumers with clothing vouchers and applications for employment and GED applications. I update consumers’ personal crisis plan-via over the phone or appointments. I rotate weekly from the Reedsdale location to the Southside…show more content…
Recently, I completed ANS-Allegheny-Adult Needs and Strengths Assessment’s training and earned my certificate. I also submit all of the SCs non-bible notes in ECET. My professional role in the agency highlights the importance of self-care and advocacy when delivering services. When SCs are in the field, they have no time to eat lunch or mentally transition from one appointment to the next. A decrease in SCs caseload, by hiring more SCs, can alleviate these issues. At the same time, advocacy is fundamental to any social work position. Knowing how, where and when to speak or act on behalf of a client is critical. Additionally, one important perception that I am taking away from my field placement is the concept of partnership in social work. MBH exemplifies partnership through their massive network of allies and supporters, staff are able to develop sound working relationships with consumers and agencies outside Pittsburgh Mercy Health System. Partnership within MBH enables SCs and consumers to work together to achieve those agreed goals or outcomes. Thus, without the illustration of partnership, I believe that the MBH values of empowerment cannot be

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