Poem Analysis: Raw Onion

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An outcast, insecure college freshman wakes up one morning to find his campus covered in darkness, with most of the student body trying to kill him. BRIEF SYNOPSIS JAKE, a college student feels like an outcast. No one talks to him and he feels like he’s invisible. When he sees VICKI on campus he attempts to talk to her, but she ignores him too. In the computer lab, a geek, CARY, tells Jake about the dark web and a website call Raw Onions. It’s an untraceable network. In poetry class, Jake reluctantly recites his poem about feeling invisible. Vicki listens. She’s impressed. At the library Bill believes the end of the world is coming. His peers, DOUG and RODNEY, ignore Jake. Jake’s mother calls wondering if he’s made any friends. She reminds …show more content…

It’s a bit difficult to grasp and it really doesn’t explain the origins. For example, like Jake wonders, how could they suddenly cause darkness? On the hand, if understanding correctly, the darkness causes the sickness, but again, it’s a bit challenging to comprehend and too vague. While one appreciates the bigger commentary about hatred for anything different and the lack of tolerance, most successful horror films rely on a more compelling backstory. For example, the horror film THE CONJURING offers an intriguing and spooky backstory about a house and what happened in the house (and about a doll). FRIDAY THE 13th has a solid backstory about the drowning of a young teen. These are more relatable backstories. A clear event happened triggering the current day horror. In fact, most horror films open with the backstory or something that sets the tone. In this area, NOIR opens rather mildly, although there’s a subtle tone that is established. The idea of the cullers also feels a bit like a zombie film, in which there are hordes of cullers infected by a virus. The victims are chased and the perpetrators chase them. This feels a bit

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