Population Exhausting Resources Summary

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Population Exhausting Resources Visual Analysis
The global population has been exponentially growing for hundreds of years, and it has been acceptable because there has been enough resources to support the growth. What happens if the population growth begins to exceed the resources available? Buddha once said that “the living are few, but the dead are many”. If population continues to grow, resources will be depleted and there will be a population bomb to keep the population at carrying capacity. On the contrary to the death-related tone, there is a myth behind the image that is the stork that delivers babies upon birth.
In this image, the author tries to convey a serious issue in a much more playful tone/manner. The issue that is being scrutinized is that of the population growth. At the very beginning of time, population growth was little to none, since there was a high death rate and a high birth rate. After the Industrial Revolution, the time period where machines …show more content…

There is a little bit of logos incorporated into the image using the only text on the image. With the context of the image and the words, one may be able to conclude that the global increase in population will eventually exhaust all the resources available. The pathos can be found intertwined in the image itself; storks are not usually portrayed with “googly” eyes, neither are they seen wearing a hat and carrying ten babies, each of different race. The author also centers the image and makes it big to attract the audiences focus on the exhausted stork. In attempt to show that the stork is exhausted, the author of the image shows five feathers that have fallen off the stork as if the stork has flapped its wings repeatedly to attempt to keep it abreast. It is the equivalent of humans sweating. By catching the audiences focus, it ensures that the central argument is clearly

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