Poseidon: The Greek God

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Greek mythology has a huge impact on society and is still being discussed today. Although Poseidon is best known for being God of the sea, he is also known for natures control of life and acts of destruction.

Poseidon is God of the sea and is also worshiped as a fertility god(Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia). In Roman mythology he is referred to as Neptune(myths and legends o the world). He was alloted to the sea after the fall of the titans.(Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia). He uses a trident as his symbol of being god of the sea.In some areas like Thessaly Poseidon is known as Hippios, god of the horses.(Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia). Poseidon is also the husband of Amphitrite who is the queen of the sea, and the daughter of Nereus. …show more content…

Poseidon was unfaithful to Amphitrite and had children with many other goddesses and woman.After seducing his sister Demeter while disguised as a horse, he had two children by the names of Arion,a divine horse, and Despoina(Myths and Legends of the World).Poseidon also had another child by the name of Polyphemus who is a cyclops and also a Shepard. Polyphemus was imprisoned by Odysseus for threatening them(Myths and Legends of the World).He had two children with Medusa from the blood spilled when hero Perseus cut off Medusa 's head. These children were a winged Pegasus and a son Chrysaor(Myths and Legends of the World). The Goddess of Earth,Gaia, bore Poseidon two children: Antaeus, a giant, and Charybdis, a sea monster who almost destroyed Odysseus(Myths and Legends of the World). Along with the rest of the children Poseidon had the evil Cercyon and Sciron, two normal-sized offspring who threatened and killed travelers in Greece(Myths and Legends of the World) He also fathered the giant,

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