Post Traumatic Brain Injury Research Paper

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Because traumatic brain injury can become a painful and lonely place, a lot of people misunderstand it. Also, no one talks about the problem much, which leads to a lack of awareness. In many cases, the TBI patient feels like no one understands or believes what they are experiencing. For a lot of cases, depression and anxiety come as a pair, and they are common for people who have a TBI or chronic pain. Many times a person with TBI experiences ridicule and embarrassment after a TBI. After a brain injury, anxiety can be found in a number of textures and colors. Some people will feel fear about going into a crowded or noisy place. Meanwhile, other people with TBI will hate when they have too much silence. When worries crop up after TBI, it can …show more content…

This can range from feeling irritable to shortness of breath. Where anxiety becomes a serious point of contention is when the feelings interfere with a person 's daily living. Sometimes, you will find that anxiety is the result that occurs from post-traumatic stress disorder. For example, if a person experienced a bad car accident. Luckily, you can treat both depression and anxiety using therapy and medication. What are other strategies a person can use to deal with depression and anxiety after a TBI? First, share the things that are causing you to worry. When you do this, other people can help to reduce your stress. Second, create a routine for your daily living and follow it. In some cases, however, TBI will make it hard to follow a schedule, so you should never feel bad if you cannot do this one. Another key point to remember is keeping involved in life. You want to stay active and participate in activities that help you to feel happy. First, look at the activities that you used to enjoy. If you cannot feel pleasure doing those things anymore, do not feel hard on yourself. In this cases, seek out newer opportunities to help you feel

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