Homelessness Among Veterans Essay

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The Effect of Poor Health and Unemployment On Homelessness Among Veterans According to the Homeless Research Institute, veterans compose more of the homeless population than they do the civilian population, formulating only 11% of civilian life compared to 26% of homeless population (Veterans Inc.). Although not all veterans wear camouflage, all face similar struggles upon returning to civilian life. Unfortunately as they return to civilian life their needs hinder. As a result, veterans face a future of poverty, illness, and above all, homelessness. Homelessness occurs as an unfortunate and common future for veterans due to high unemployment and poor health. Upon return, veterans face a battle of readjustment into civilian life, which abides as no child’s play. These endeavors ultimately generate hopeless results, including vagrancy. One of the main contributors to homelessness is unemployment, where veterans often lack the skills that many nonmilitary people have …show more content…

One in 10 veterans return disabled post service primarily because of combat (Veterans Inc.). A handicapped veteran limits their job exploring opportunities as they feel lame, or incapable. In return this inhibits their transition into civilian life, an imperative step to avert homelessness. Studies show that serious injury exists as the second biggest reason vets struggled to adapt (Morin). Physical disabilities lead to unmotivated spirits to acquire employment, and easy routes towards destitution. Among handicap impairment, traumatic brain injury, or TBI, leaves vets “unemployable” due to their condition. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs states that “after an injury, a number of symptoms arise including headaches, dizziness/problems walking, fatigue, irritability, memory problems and problems paying attention” all of which affect a veterans work

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