Essay On Disabled Veterans

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The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have placed an unusual burden on the disability compensation program. Today, injuries vastly outnumber deaths when compared to previous wars. As of 2012, there were twenty-two million veterans living in the United States, 2.4 million of which had served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There were approximately 3.5 million veterans living with some degree of a physical disability related to their military service, and nearly one-fifth of all veterans reported some level of psychological disorder. Approximately 200,000 veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have filed for disability claims, straining VA resources. The VA 's inability to handle the number of returning veterans has been publicized by investigations into the conditions at the military 's Walter Reed Hospital. The Washington Post newspaper published several investigative articles that revealed overcrowded hospital wards, deteriorating buildings, and significant administrative barriers for veterans seeking care. Veterans and soldiers were required to file twenty-two documents to eight different departments in order to receive care. Veterans who were attempting to receive continuing care after …show more content…

Many of the military 's veteran benefits for employment and education have also suffered from a lack of funding and support. Employers are required by law to hold the jobs of soldiers and reinstate a veteran into their job upon their return from service, yet many veterans who have sustained physical and psychological injuries find it impossible to return to their previous employment. The GI Bill has helped many returning veterans go to college and seek better employment. However, this benefit is disappearing. The U.S. Army, in order to offset the large cost of the Iraq War, has asked new recruits to pay $100 a month, or $1200 in their first year, to receive educational benefits. For many young men and women, $1200 is unaffordable, and they are being denied educational

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