Power And Control In Kane's Citizen Kane

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Citizen Kane overwhelmingly advocates the power and control concept and the script brilliantly portrays the megalomaniac disposition of Kane character, and the way the film is made to the far side of the creative execution, makes the film more undoubtedly entertaining. Lighting, blocking, all mise en scène elements support to the idea of power and control that embodied by Charles Foster Kane’s persona. To elaborate Kane’s authoritative figure, the lighting employs low-key technique and casts a formidable shadow across the film, as well as Kane overshadows other characters in the story, in any imaginable interpretation. In one particular scene, at the time Kane argues Susan about her singing career, Susan is muzzled after Kane approaches and obscures the light off of her. Apart from all technicalities in film production, as a director who speaks visually through lighting, blocking, camera work and other mise en scène elements, Welles also embeds power and control strand in the dialogue part. One particular line that spells out the one ideal example of power and control is at one point when Kane heightens his voice to command Susan to keep singing.…show more content…
In addition to, lighting also advances the aesthetic and artistic approaches on films. As we know, there are elements of making a good film, lighting cannot stand alone without supportive blocking strategy and other mise en scène elements. Good lighting and poor blocking equal spoiled framing, good lighting and bad props in mise en scène component create convoluted delivery. Especially, in the black and white film where the audience cannot relate to shade of colors, contras plays a pivotal part. So, the choices made on mise en scène elements, beside of blocking and other things, are fundamental to the lighting
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