Powerful Motivational Speech Rhetorical Analysis

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Summary of the Powerful Motivational Speech “COMFORT ZONE - Powerful Motivational Speech, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiAalrujjyA” video, is an enlightening one as it relates to motivating people. While reviewing and listening to the speech it had a great effect on me. Why is this speech so effective? For years, I have found myself just staying where I was most comfortable never wanting to venture out and become uncomfortable. This motivational speech got me to thinking to step out of my comfort zone. Staying in my comfort zone is not a good place to be it is “my enemy.” Therefore; this is why I chose this speech. After listening to this speech I believe that it will assist me with ways to change my life for the promotion of growth. What principles…show more content…
243). There can be excuses for staying within our corporate comfort zone. What I have discovered while studying this chapter, that it is by trying new activities that we gain new experiences and skills. If we keep doing the same things over and over, we learn very little. My thoughts on the video My thoughts on the video are that it dealt with the process in which one must go through in order for to move out of their comfort zone. Not only that but, when moving out of the comfort zone it can be critical for career success. Keeping in mind that moving out of my comfort zone it will only be helpful depending on the path I choose to take. What I must remember that people are constantly catching me. Whatever I may do may be a role model inspiring others model for growth and change. Moving outside of my comfort zone can and will apply in every area of my life. If I want to succeed at a personal or organizational level then I must continually challenge myself, by trying new
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