Prayer In The Veritas Conflict

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Shaunti Feldhahn portrays a powerful tool in her novel that should be a basis of Christian belief; that tool is prayer. She sees the importance of how it affects every situation Christians put themselves into, she suggests that through prayer, believers can fulfill their God given purpose. Her novel, “The Veritas Conflict,” insists that prayer should control the believer, because throughout the novel, prayer provides protection in the setting, it gives direction to the characters, and it brings support in the middle of conflict. This story immediately reveals to us the protection through prayer by showing how it affects the setting of the story. In the beginning of the story, Claire’s parents, mostly her mom (Barbara), are stricken with worry…show more content…
In the middle of the novel, Claire is challenged with a student who is about to get an abortion. However, in this challenge, her words are directed through prayer. Claire, in this challenging situation, “choke[s] on her intended words and cough[s] roughly, bending over, her mind furiously racing,” and prays, “Lord, forgive me! What is it I’m supposed to say?” (Feldhahn 325). That simple pause in the moment and quick prayer provides her the correct words to offer to this student, and through her words, that girl ends up not getting the abortion. But not only that. Direction in prayer occurrs for three believers who pray for a demon possessed man named Stefan as well. These believers “beg[in] to pray, [and] within moments Stefan [is] on the floor...the three Christians [stand] over him...casting out, binding, and sealing the work that had been the end Stefan whimper[s] and let[s] out a long sigh” (Feldhahn 426-427). The three believers’ faith in prayer help to deliver this young man named Stefan from complete demon possession. This scenario shows how characters are directed by prayer and how that direction results in a release from dangerous and evil
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