Pressure To Conform

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In the essay Pressure To Conform there are many societal points covered that women face every day in regards to their looks. She covers the media stand point as well as the medical stand point. Many of the things she talks about I see and hear women talk about every day. In her thesis statement she points out the “the twin obsession of thinness and indulgence” (p-222). I agree whole heartedly that magazines and media are one of the biggest factors in why women face so many body image issues in today’s society. we are constantly being told to weigh less and have less natural curves yet we are all supposed to be Martha Stewart in the kitchen. The author claims that girls as young as 6 are turning up with eating disorders and I have seen firsthand in my son’s kindergarten class just how easily this can develop when young girls tell the other student that they should eat so much or certain foods. Young women are very much so influence by their mothers as she mentioned and setting a good example is vital in that regard. I do not how ever agree that acceptance is vital to dealing with body image issues. I do say it is important to accept the things you cannot change. however, if you are suffering for …show more content…

Sarah Kredenster in Winnipeg who has seen some positive results from minor plastic surgery. I agree that this could be a very slippery slope as with any kind of body modification, some people never know when it is enough or when and how to accept themselves. There are many women who truly do accept themselves and love themselves and they still opt for some type of plastic surgery to enhance breast or buttocks. Plastic surgery is not always women who suffer low

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