Preventative Based Nursing Care

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The profession of nursing within the United States of America is increasing in necessity throughout the nation in effort to strengthen societal functions. While the health care industry seems as though it operates outside of the political spectrum, it does not. Rather, much of what mainstream healthcare providers are able to do is in response to a form of legislation, implemented by a federal governmental agency. Insofar as this is true, then it is safe for one to assume that, in light of the recent Supreme Court decision—which upheld constitutionality in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—that it is integral for the overarching need nurses have in meeting professional demands. Ultimately, professional nursing plays an integral …show more content…

The new health care reform will help reestablish the nursing concepts such as patient-centered care, integrated plan of care, and overall health and wellness to help aid in the quality of care the patient will receive. The new health care reform will focus on the individual before they become overtly ill, shifting away from its past procedure-based, fee-for-service patient care modalities, and into a preventative based health care approach. The new models of public health care will include new development of community based health centers (school, work and home based) with many more nurses and nurse practitioners serving as the primary care providers (Hokanson,2015). It is true that nurses have not been able to be collectively involved in transforming healthcare, but because of the critical role the registered nurse plays in part of the quality of care a patient receives, nurses will now be able to lead the transformation of health care. Hopefully through the application of improved quality of care with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), the profession of nursing will continue to rise and the need for continuing nursing education will also

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