Pride And Prejudice Informative Essay

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The story of Eurydice is simple. Boy meets girl; she later on dies while he grieves for her and tries to get her back. With a twist from Sarah Ruhl, Eurydice has been modernized for its audience to better connect to the play. I will discuss how the story became more comprehensive to the audience. She accomplishes this by introducing the father to the play to help convey Eurydice’s concern in the play, inserting an elevator to the play for visual effects, and by introducing books and letters to the play to keep the story flowing. With theses three points, the audience will better understand the meaning of the play. With the introduction of the elevator, Sarah Ruhl shows how Eurydice is transported to the underworld after she falls to her death on the stairs. The elevator is instrumental in relating to the audience. The elevator shows how it relates to death by being a machine that ascends and descends. A person can infer from this that Eurydice has died and descended to the Underworld through the elevator. The rain in the elevator, to me, shows the sadness of descending to death. This use of the elevator helps modernize the play and incorporates the audience to a play updated to their standards even with the addition of Eurydice’s father to the play. …show more content…

He helps the audience understands why Eurydice will not be able to read letters or remember in the Underworld. Sarah Ruhl introduces him as a mediator between the world of the living and dead; specifically, between Orpheus and Eurydice. Eurydice’s father begins teaching Eurydice how to read and speak in the language of the living and helps her remember her love, Orpheus. As Sarah Ruhl introduce Eurydice’s father, she also introduce books and letters to the

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