Pride And Prejudice Research Paper

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Prejudice. Prejudice is like a disease. A disease we all have, it is so contagious, the little ones are born into it. Prejudice is thinking that you are better than someone. Judging them for their sex, the way they dress, how they look, their body art/body modification, their skin color, where they live, where they work, where they were born, who they are associated with or who they are related to. Prejudice is believing your race is above all, yet, there is only one race. Human.

Discriminating in your mind is bad, but the person does not know what you are doing. When you act on your prejudice, it is hurtful towards others. “She’s a woman, she can’t do my job better.” But, she will try. Because he had so little faith in her being able to exceed in doing the same job, she would try harder to accomplish more than he ever could. He wouldn’t even try to fight the battle because one, she is a woman and two, women can’t do what men can do. He thought he would win, but it is like ice against fire. Ice melts. I am not trying to say that women are better, I am just putting facts on the table. More and more men are staying at home looking after the kids while the women are working. Women work the same amount of hours and do the same jobs as men, but are getting paid seventy-seven …show more content…

That might as well be a rhetorical question. When you see a dirty man on the streets, what is the first thing you assume? He is homeless, or he is broke. What if he just had a hard day at his work? When you see an overweight lady in the stores, what do you think? She ate too many cupcakes? No, she did not. She has hypothyroidism. A condition where she gains more calories than she burns. Everyone needs to be exposed to different lifestyles. That would help with prejudice. There is no possible way to stop prejudice, unless we do something similar to “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. That would stop all prejudice. We are all equal, yet we judge because we look

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