Prison Privatization

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In recent decades, there has been a trend developing in America towards the privatization of America’s prisons. Independent companies have contracted, built and staffed prisons in several different states instead of having the government in control of these facilities. There is still much uncertainty, however, if private prisons will be able to succeed. Some companies have failed while others cling to average revenues. Some people believe that these measures will save taxpayers money while other are afraid that private prisons have no real interest in rehabilitating prisoners. Why have prisons been moving into private hands in this modern era? The most obvious answer would come from simple economics. If a business feels that there a profit to be made, even in an area that is usually thought of as a part of the public sector, it will try to get its foot in the door and make that profit. There is also a feeling among many people that public-run …show more content…

This particularly where the bulk of the prison population is mostly of black and Hispanic origin. There are estimated to be 2 million prisoners in state federal and private prisons. The prison industry is one of the most rapid developing businesses in the last 10 years. Increased use of privatization of prison services has incentivized the industry by the creation of more jobs. The multimillion dollar industry also supports such items as advertising, architecture, construction, security, food supply and countless other business operations. Prison privatization, dramatically increased in the 1980s under the Reagan and Bush administration. It is estimated that there are around 18 major corporations serving around 10,000 inmates in 27 States. The use of privatized contract firms is based upon improved efficiencies and cost reduction programs. The government alone could no longer cope with the long expansion of crime and need for more jail

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