Progress Is Impossible Without Change In Fahrenheit 451

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The Free Phoenix It is because of the quote, “Progress is impossible without change,and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” by George Bernard Shaw that Ray Bradbury,creator of Fahrenheit 451,uses his characters Captain Beatty’s, a woman’s suicide, Faber’s,and Granger’s words and actions to influence Guy Montag’s thoughts,emotions ,and actions throughout the novel. Ray Bradbury uses his character Captain Beatty,to show a change of emotions in the main character, Guy Montag. For instance,”...swift,pace,up,down,in,out,why,how,who,what,where,eh?uh!Bang!Smack!Wallop.Bing,Bang!Boom!...Montag felt his heart jump and jump again…” (Bradbury 52). The author reveals things about the past to show how it would make Montag feel,which it made him very anticipaticiant. When one is anticipating something, their heart rate speeds up which is exactly what happens with …show more content…

The following narration,” The woman knelt among the books,touching the drenched leather and cardboard reading the gilt titles while her eyes accused Montag” “ He stumbled toward the bed and shoved the book clumsily under the cold pillow” (35 -39). This clearly shows how he has transformed already, Montag is a fireman who burns books,yet he snuck one out or maybe even more as foreshadowed at the beginning of the novel. The narrator reflects on Guy’s change with the following,”You were alright last night” “No I wasn’t” (45). This scene takes place after Montag watches the woman die in the fire. It shows that watching her die traumatized him to the point where it makes him contemplate whether or not his job is actually worth it if this is the out outcome. This is proves with the quotation, “Mildred how would it be if ,well,maybe I quit my job a while” (48). The old lady committing suicide affected Montag's thoughts and intrigue toward

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