Progressive Ideas Have Killed Free Speech Analysis

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One of the major principles of the United States government has always been the freedom of speech given to its citizens, but what really comes with this freedom? Does this founding principle make it socially acceptable to create uncomfortable environments and use words to injure others? I think this right has limitations anywhere you go. Countries like Israel are making the word Nazi outlawed. And this isn’t because they’re trying to limit and control freedom of speech but rather because of its symbolic meaning in history. (Thane Rosenbaum page 165) And I believe this limit is crucial especially in places of diversity and higher learning such as college campuses. There is a difference between “trying to persuade and trying to injure.” (Rosenbaum page 166) So while many people believe that freedom of speech on a …show more content…

It is important to let people express their views and discuss disagreements; that’s what democracy is. Being able to express your views and opinions is what makes America different from other countries. So why wouldn’t we allow these same rights on a college campus? Wendy Kaminer says in her essay Progressive Ideas Have Killed Free Speech on Campus, “It’s not just rape that some women on campus fear: It’s the discussions of rape.” She then goes on to talk about a university that canceled a discussion about rape because students felt like it made an unsafe environment. It is important to maintain an environment for victims to feel safe in but I don’t think it’s right to be silenced to the point where even talking about it for educating and information purposes is looked down upon. Morally, it’s always important to not have your speech make anyone feel uncomfortable or unsafe but especially for educational purposes it’s important to not feel like you must walk on eggshells because someone might find it offensive. Kaminer uses another example in her essay where she was “quickly branded a racist” because she used “the n-word” while teaching Huckleberry

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