Project Management In The Construction Industry

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Task 1:-
A) The terms of project management within the construction industry:
Project management is the management of people, time and costs by a single person or a team to ensure the efficient beginning, progress and conclusion of a project. All these stages take occurrences in construction projects. Project managers are the core of the projects basically. Project managers in the construction industry are in charge for planning and managing building projects, such as recondition a house or building a skyscraper. Their duties include design, procurement, planning authorities, expenses, contractors, clients, the lifecycle of the project, handling the paperwork, and other particular areas to ensure that
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This sort of job is a bit tricky to be carried out. Especially as we look on the commercial buildings project of NZ Bina Sdn. Bhd. The external project are basically utilized because they are playing internal project manager at the same time in different organization. The external project manager will handle this project mediocrely because he will have some easy ways as he will not have to directly deal with the customer at the same time he will be struggling to get the clearer idea to take care. The other disadvantage he will have that he will have no relation with the project team. So he will not know how the exact worker is skilled in doing a specific task. There are some more disadvantages of the external project manager to the firm for example he can refuse to carry out the project anytime the customer make any changes to the project. He will be paid highly hour rates by our firm. His other disadvantages will be he will become less responsible especially towards the end of the project. He is less experienced in that particular project and is not fully settled with the resources. Possible opposition from within the NZ Bina Sdn. Bhd. As the external project is unfamiliar with the organization, the project can be delayed at the start. External Project handlers take more time to prepare than internal managers. But at the same time there are many advantages of…show more content…
2) Review the risk register and let the authorities know on monthly.
3) Weekly communication meetings with the customer and team.
4) Review weekly progress reports of Team Principals.
5) Approval of purchase order occupation.
6) Approval of supplier invoices for cash in the budget.

1) Progress – confirm that the project of commercial building is deliver on time scale.
2) Cost – Confirm that the project is delivered in-between the base lined cost plan.
3) Quality – make assure that the project is completed with full quality in first time and it is right on the expectations of the commercial building project customer.
4) Performance (Value) – make it certain that it fully accepted by the customer with any changes to be made to the buildings.
5) Cash flow - net project cash flow is being achieved as the defined expectations.
B) Discuss the relationship of project manager with the following parties:
i. Design Team ii. Production / Construction team.

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