Prominent Figures In The Han Dynasty

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One of the Many Prominent Figures During the Han Dynasty Every civilization has a prominent figure. That person the civilization looks up to in felicity and pride and follows to the end. That person that provides all of the people of the civilization with hope and a sense of victory. That person that does everything they can in order to assist their civilization in improving anything that could possibly be improved. A certain man or woman that contributes a large quantity to his or her civilization. During the Han dynasty, Liu Bang was one of those prominent figures. Liu Bang was that significant person that provided the Han dynasty with numerous developments that changed the lives of that civilization in such an effective way. At first, Liu Bang was just a commoner. He was no different than anyone else. However, the day he rose up and rebelled against the Qin was probably one of the best for the people of China. The rebellion Liu encouraged led …show more content…

More than half the population was killed under Qin rule. Once Liu saw this I think it really inspired him to take charge because after his succession, the first thing done was the official establishment of the Han dynasty in 202 B.C. After that, the capital of the Han dynasty was announced, Chang’an. Chang’an was such a beneficial capital because it was strategically located at the convergence of major roads most likely contributing to trade and transportation (Violatti). Then, with all this newly acquired power, Liu decided to really make a change when he abolished the awful laws that were once alive with the Qin dynasty and replaced them with new laws that were supported by the people. Annie Wu’s The Han Dynasty includes this example and many more of Bang’s thoughtful changes and his reason behind it all, to win the support of the common people. Liu treated his people less harshly than the Qin rulers did and even lowered

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