Prop 56 Argumentative Essay

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In California alone, the number count of deaths from smoking has been increasing every single day and has not been going down at all.In reading a article I read that a Surgeon General stated that “ Approximately half of today’s 44.8 million smokers will die prematurely from smoking-related diseases.” Prop 56 will help California put the death toll lower than it is right now. The way Prop 56 will help save many lives is by adding a $2.00 increase in the tax revenue for a cigarette or anything that contain the ingredient of nicotine. When reading a map in I saw that California was the 37th out of the 50 states that had the lowest taxes on cigarettes. If Proposition 56 is passed then California will be placed way higher than it already is at right now. As stated in the article made by Michael Hiltzik in the LA Times news website “The measure is expected to raise as much as $1.4 billion…show more content…
Cigarettes ruins lives it never makes lives better there are some cases where it may, but there is way more cases where it may ruin a person 's life. There may be some negative parts about Prop 56, but there are way more positive things that will happen if Prop 56 passes. It will save lives not only the poor class it will save everybody in the country. Prop 56 is all about fairness if you don 't smoke you don 't pay the $414 dollars. Prop 56 is not selfish it does not care about only about the non smokers it cares for the smokers as well it may not show it, but just wait a while Prop 56 might actually save many smokers life later in the future. The money will not be placed in the wrong hands. From reading an article called The Anti-Tobacco Tax Doctor Is In by Liam Dillon is says that “The governor and Legislature would decide how that money gets spent every year, but it would most likely go toward paying doctors and insurance companies for existing patient-treatment programs.” So no matter what there is no way that the money will be used for someone 's
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