Pros And Cons Of Andrew Jackson

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The Age of Jackson was an era where the common people of the United States were finally represented in their country by the president of the United States of America, Andrew Jackson. Although he was well-off, people called Jackson the “common man” because of his military background and how he was a farmer, instead of being born into a wealthy family and using his status as an advantage. Since the common people had the president’s support, they felt the need to express their opinion on expanding suffrage to themselves. At the time, voting was only available for the rich, land-owning, white males and it was considered a privilege for them. However, the working class reasoned that they should have a say in the country’s decisions since it was their country as well. The debate over the expansion of suffrage had supporters, the common people, who wanted to expand voting rights to them, and the opposers, the rich, who wanted to keep voting as a privilege for themselves. The working class took the pro side of the debate over expanding suffrage because they wanted the ability to vote and believed that balloting should be established on people’s thoughts rather than social status. For example, according to Nathan Stanford, a chairman of a committee that revised the state constitution, “the only qualifications [to vote] seem to be the virtue and morality of the people . . .those who contribute to the public support we consider as entitled to a share of the election of rulers”

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