Pros And Cons Of Buying Building

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Thesis: Pros and cons of buying vs. building.

There is a time in each person’s life when they are settling down and he must decide whether he wants to buy an existing house or build one of his own. For many people they think that there is a definite answer to this question. The reality of it is that the answer is different for everyone and one has to do what is right for themselves in that point in time, and consider the circumstances that they are in. Buying a home is one if not the biggest investments in a person’s life so the pressure is on to make the right decision. There are many different variables that are thrown at someone when they are considering to buy or build a new home. Depending upon these types of variables they can change the cost drastically and make one way more expansive than the other in one’s personal experience. (Folger) There are many advantages and
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It can bring a sense of satisfaction to one and his family to be living in a structure that he along with his family created for themselves. (Folger) Also a significant plus to building a new house are the warranties the come with it and will protect ones wallet from any early damages that one would have to pay for in an already existing house.
The disadvantages to building a new home are plenty also. With building a new home comes the stress of finding out weather to build and the overall stress of where to begin. With the time it takes to build a new house you could have bought a new home and moved in, for many people this is a major setback because they want to get started with their lives and not wait. Also with the construction of a new house comes the costs of the newer materials that make up the house with may shoot up the cost of the building process.
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