Pros And Cons Of Face To Face Communication

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AMAAC162 – AHAMED AMEER With an increasing population communicating via the internet and text messaging, face to face communication will become a thing of the past. To what extent do you agree with this statement? communication is a way of releasing sentiments and outlook experienced by a man through a variety of numerous social routes, for example, instant message, the Internet and face to face. As I would like to think, I somewhat concur with the increase of face to face mode since communication advance has obtained a few qualities of live conversation. The way of communication has been changed in this current world owing to the modern technologies and the face to face communication is outdated. This essay will converse about the pros and cons of the growth of technology…show more content…
People depend seriously on the settlement of messages, texts, and web based systems administration. While it is hard to block the hugeness from asserting these stages and the way that they have disturbed correspondence, it is a key to confirm this online relationship to very close correspondence. Up close and personal correspondence is by all accounts passing on, as one can go just about a whole day without really participating with individuals. Individuals depend intensely on the availability of messages, instant messages, and online networking. (, 2013) Although online communication saves time and is user friendly, it cannot replace face to face communication because, Face to face communication has more sense than the online communication, People may be unfamiliar with the keyboards and stuffs, No wastage on money and energy. By considering the above the reasons it is evident that the face to face communication is the best way of communicating than the online

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