Pros And Cons Of Healthcare Costs

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Discuss the pros and cons of healthcare costs being passed on to employees from the employers. The costs in healthcare have been parasitizing to a major extent on the family budget for almost a decade. So much so that it has impacted their capacity to afford day to day necessities in life. The employees have huge debts on their credit card which makes them decrease their retirement and other savings so as to pay for the debts in healthcare (“Rising…”2015). If we compare the small and large firms, the small firms are less likely to offer health benefits to their employees. The deductibles for firms, irrespective of the size of the firms have more than doubled over, further on involving greater share of an average family’s income by combining the premiums and deductibles than ever before. They are the major challenges posed by rising health-care costs (“What…”2016). The out-of-pocket healthcare costs have …show more content…

The tools like and have been released for the consumers to look up healthcare costs. However, effective relief from high healthcare expenditures will ultimately come from inside the healthcare system. REFERENCES Mack, M. (2016, August). What Drives Rising Health-Care Costs? Retrieved from Zamosky, L. (2015, March 29). Rising healthcare costs are pressuring patients. Retrieved from Park, M. (2017, September 19). Premiums for Employer-Sponsored Family Health Coverage Rise Slowly for Sixth Straight Year, Up 3% but Averaging $18,764 in 2017. Retrieved from

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