Nursing Reflection: The Wound Nurse

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I am assigned to 5T which is the oncology department, due to the nature of the unit itis easy to understand that most of the patients there are very sick and definitely report being in a lot of pain; therefore, one of the most routinely task for any nurse assigned to this unit is the administration of medication and especially pain medication. After being continuously working at the same unit for almost two weeks, I can definitely state that the unit focus on patient centered care which involves trying to keep patients comfortable and help them to reach a level to be discharge. The whole personnel ( nurses, PCA, pharmacist, doctors, physical therapy, etc) since to be very caring toward their patients and family members, a constant communication within the different departments is necessary to keep everyone update on patient …show more content…

Even when many patients have insurance, the financial burden is imaginable. I was spoken with the wound nurse today in reference to how much it can cost to treat an ulcer and how insurance are trying to fight the cost of those treatments, I was informed by the same nurse that before moving to that part of the healthcare, she used to try to get as much as test needed for her patients without realizing the cost that of it, that at the end the hospital is also trying to cut cost to be able to continue in business. In reference to challengers, I believe that there is so much that I need to learn and that it will always be due to the nature of healthcare. It will always be new treatments and approaches to patient’s diagnosis as well as new technology plus patients understanding and views to different situations as well as cultural awareness and religion practices. However, I think that an important key to challenging situation is an open mind and honesty to accept others opinions and points of

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