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I watched your discussion with Bill O’Reilly where you shared your experience in fighting lung cancer. Congratulations on your success. You looked great, and you are an inspiring force with your perseverance and drive to beat the daunting odds. I had a major heart attack at the age of 42 and recognize how precious life is and the limited time we have.

I am writing you in response to the frustration you experienced within the healthcare system in seeking the best care. Imagine the frustration, and more significantly, the fear, the average patient experiences that does not have your resources. I am on a quest to change this and I would like your assistance.

I have been a senior executive in the US healthcare industry for over 30 years and I can tell you that it is much worse than you experienced. Healthcare costs …show more content…

C4SS is a grass roots effort. We have not sought government funding or government intervention. Experienced clinicians, sepsis survivors, and healthcare industry executives staff our organization, many of them volunteers. Our strategy has been to work from the bottom up starting with individual hospitals and physicians in our own community. Our near-term objective is to get the 40+ acute care Colorado hospitals enlisted in our mission by year end and then expand to other states.

My request is to have one of your producers explore the sepsis challenge and our mission. This story needs national attention. I have enclosed a brief slide summary that provides background on sepsis and our program initiatives. I encourage you to visit other informative websites including the Sepsis Alliance (www.sepsis.org), the Rory Staunton Foundation (www.rorystauntonfoundation.org), and the Global Sepsis Alliance (www.global-sepsis-alliance.org).

I am looking forward to your

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