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I am a registered nurse and currently hold an associates degree. I am actively enrolled in TESU working towards my Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) which is the degree most employers seek when hiring nurses. Once I have earned my BSN, which will be in the summer of 2016, my plan is to then take certain certification courses. I am very passionate about learning wound, ostomy and incontinence care (WOC) and will take the classes and state exams I need to earn my certification shortly after graduating TESU. Wound, ostomy and incontinence care needs are growing, especially in the home care setting, and this will allow me to apply for positions that are more tailored to what I wish to specialize in. In an article published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, a study was done on the outcomes of wound healing on home health care patients, which reported that wounds cared for by a WOC nurse resulted in 78.5% of wounds healing compared with 36.3% when care was provided by general staff nurses (Westra, Bliss, Savik, Hou, & Borchert, 2013, p. 135, 136). …show more content…

One of these is called a Wound Vac. Wound Vac’s allow for the continuous negative pressure therapy which is needed in wounds that are either too deep or that produce a lot of drainage. The vac helps to draw the drainage out and away from the patient’s skin, while preventing infection at the same time. Wound vac’s used to be quite large and cumbersome but nowadays they are much smaller and lighter and patient’s are able to be mobile if necessary, while still connected to the machine. The wound vac now slips into a small pouch that the patient can slip over their shoulder and move about as they need on a daily basis. Years ago this patient would have been hospitalized and unable to move from their

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