Anna Liza D. Fernandez Case Summary

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Ms Anna Liza D. Fernandez demonstrates excellence in the execution and balancing of leadership and management roles in the perioperative unit. Maintains the highest personal performance standards and reflect the successful integration of the VISN Network plans and strategic priorities, VA Program Office programs, and the local Medical Center goals and core values. Her leadership was recognized not only in the local medical center but also with the VISN as she was awarded VISN8 FY14 Quarter Supervisor. Ms Fernandez assumes the role of Nurse Manager of the Operating Room, and has been providing coverage to other NMs of the Surgical Nursing Team, as well as assisting the Chief Nurse of Periopeartive in providing needed coverage in during…show more content…
Heads the Surgical team in ensuring the safe movement of sterile supplies; monitoring of appropriate temp and humidity in the OR Core; and facilitating a smooth transition to operational process. Facilitates the movement of sterile supplies from the OR suites and IR/Cath Lab to the OR Core. Monitored the execution of process efficiently minimizing the risk of compromised supplies and eventually wastes. Ms Fernandez directs nursing, cath lab team, logistics and EMS in addressing concerns and employing appropriate communications and actions. This resulted in the absence of compromised supplies, surgical and procedural cases were conducted as scheduled after the project. The OR team was even able to support an IR/OR case in the IR…show more content…
She continuously educates herself with current regulatory changes to ensure compliance and improve missed opportunities. This is evident when local medical center noted "Missed documentations on Code Blue Documentation" during an emergent event in the OR. She seized the opportunity to assist staff to reflect on present practice, identify gaps, list plausible solutions, and integrate recommendations from OIG. Ms Fernandez lead the team for a complete turnaround in practice and resolve the problem in two weeks’ time frame. She headed the in-service for “Code Blue Management in the OR Setting”. The said in-service has been awarded with a TMS code number making it an official educational course for perioperative staff. Resolution also leads to formulation and implementation of Debriefing checklist, Nursing Documentation Audit Checklist, and Code Blue Team Scrubs High Accessibility

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