Wound Care Case Study Ulcers

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Wound care is something our facility struggles with on a weekly basis. Not always are the wound measurements being completed on a weekly basis. The manager is responsible to complete the weekly wound measurements only on the pressure ulcers, no always are these being done on time, or by the same person either. The question I ask is, would having a wound care nurse be more beneficial to the facility and to the residents? “Continuity at the end of the day will enhance your healing rates, make your administration happier, and improve the quality of life for your patients” ( Vinayagasundaram, Halpin & Sullivan 2009). To complete this study I would need to have the regular staff nurses participate as well as the residents that have wounds, agree to be in the study. The regular staff would be called in to a meeting at least one month before the proposed experiment. They would be educated on the practices of what would be expected of a wound care nurse. The staff interested to be a wound care nurse would then be handed applications to …show more content…

Once the team meets together they will set up a plan for the pressure ulcers of the building; this will all take place in the facility. They will decide what forms to use for measurement and documentation, proposed treatment options and positioning devices that will be needed. “Try to establish a specific team, where each week the same members see the patients so that progress can be monitored most effectively and seamlessly” ( Vinayagasundaram, Halpin & Sullivan 2009). Once all teams are agreeable the study will begin to take place. The wound care nurse will need to complete weekly wound measurements the same day each week, preferable on Tuesday. On Wednesdays the wound care nurse will then meet with the multi-disciplinary team to go over weekly measures and to make changes if

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