10 Key Policy Issues Facing Healthcare

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If developing an effective healthcare system is merely to invest more money, build many hospitals, or to hire more workforce into healthcare sector, it would be very easy for many nations. Governments have great motivation to improve healthcare system evidenced by huge government spending and the concentration of public policy toward healthcare system. Public policy can be seen as one influence upon community health and all other factors what would impact overall health. Government, by using public policy, is trying to reduce or eliminate unhealthy condition and promoting activities that improve overall health. Unfortunately, public policy has been experiencing many issues regarding improving healthcare system.
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The cost and benefit analysis should be studied seriously since the amount invested in healthcare climbing up year after year. According to the research of “10 key policy issues facing healthcare”, it mentioned that approximately 8 million people registered for healthcare through federal or state healthcare exchanges between October 2013 and April 2014 in which 57 percent, or approximately 4 million to 5 million individuals, were previously uninsured (Becker, Dunn,& Gamble, 2014). In In addition, another 12 million people engaged to healthcare insurance through other Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provisions. Nevertheless, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provisions also brought up the cost of billions of dollar in new taxes (Becker, Dunn,& Gamble, 2014). These included a Medicare individual tax increase; a net investment income tax of 3.8 percent tax on individuals, estates, and trusts; and an increase in the threshold for deductions for medical expenses from 7.5 percent to 10 percent of gross income, not to mention increase in operation costs to providers and healthcare companies to comply with the law (Becker, Dunn & Gamble, 2014). A question still remains that if the huge cost worth the

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