Universal Healthcare

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The need for improved and less expensive healthcare in the United States has attracted people to form a group advocating for a universal healthcare system. Some of the major objectives of the organization are to enhance healthcare accessibility, make healthcare more affordable through the creation of new products and services, integrate technology in healthcare delivery for easier navigation, and also improve healthcare standards for the entire American population. Despite the expected positive implications of having a universal healthcare system in the country, some people are not aware of its existence. In this regard, it is important to discuss the need for universal healthcare system in the United States and its negative aspects; this …show more content…

Additionally, the premiums are regarded by individuals in the low socio-economic background as an extra expense that should be avoided; this has motivated many people in the society to neglect the existence of insurance companies. Currently, a significant population in the United States, especially those in the self-employed sector does not pay premiums to uses the services of medical insurance companies. The universal health care program, however, will eliminate the issue of monthly premiums; instead, it will prompt the government to focus on discovering new revenue generation strategies to fund healthcare expenses in the …show more content…

Also, some individuals in the society are lazy and do not want to actively contribute to their healthcare. The universal healthcare in this regard may be projected to increase healthcare accessibility, but practically promote instances of personal irresponsibility and laziness. Additionally, people may tend to live carelessly since their health need has been taken care (Dye et al., 2013). The cost of healthcare in the country is way too high compared to the available resources and respective budget allocations. The government in this regard might consider increasing the taxes in order to meet the cost of healthcare. The increase in taxes will have a negative implication in the society; for instance, the prices of basic commodities will increase making life difficult, especially to the low social class individuals. Additionally, employees in the private and public sector will experience the impact of increased taxes through reduced net salaries; this may attract a negative reaction from the

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